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All Reports & Transactions Under SUIM

The list below is useful if you are constructing a roll to house the SUIM capabilities:

Users by System S_BIE_59000198

Users by Roles S_BIE_59000199

Users by Profiles S_BIE_59000197

Users by Address Data S_BCE_68001393

Users by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001400

By user ID S_BCE_68001394

By Role S_BCE_68001399

By Profiles S_BCE_68001395

By Authorizations S_BCE_68001396

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001397

By Transaction Authorizations S_BCE_68001398

By Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start S_BCE_68001401

With Unsuccessful Logons S_BCE_68001402

By Logon Date and Password Change RSUSR200

List of Users With Critical Authorizations S_BCE_68001403

With Critical Authorizations (New Version) S_BCE_68002111

Roles by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001425

By Role Name S_BCE_68001418

By User Assignment S_BCE_68001419

By Transaction Assignment S_BCE_68001420

By MiniApp S_BIE_59000249

By Profile Assignment S_BCE_68001421

By Authorization Object S_BCE_68001422

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001423

By Change Dates S_BCE_68001424

Profiles by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001409

By Profile Name or Text S_BCE_68001767

By Profiles Contained S_BCE_68001404

By Authorizations S_BCE_68001405

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001406

By Last Change S_BCE_68001407

By Role S_BCE_68001408

Authorizations by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001417

By Object S_BCE_68001414

By Values S_BCE_68001415

By Last Change S_BCE_68001416

Authorization Objects by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001413

By Object Name, Text S_BCE_68001410

By Object Class S_BCE_68001411

By Field, Text S_BCE_68001412

Executable Transactions (All Selection Options) S_BCE_68001429

Executable for User S_BCE_68001426

Executable for Role S_BCE_68002041

Executable with Profile S_BCE_68001427

Executable with Authorization S_BCE_68001428

From users S_BCE_68001430

from Roles S_BCE_68001777

From profiles S_BCE_68001431

From authorizations S_BCE_68001432

In Users S_BCE_68001399

In Users S_BCE_68001395

In Roles S_BCE_68001421

In Composite Profiles S_BCE_68001404

In Users S_BCE_68001396

In Profiles S_BCE_68001405

In Users S_BCE_68001397

In Roles S_BCE_68001423

In Profiles S_BCE_68001406

In Authorizations S_BCE_68001415

In Programs S_BCE_68002030

For Users S_BCE_68001439

for Role Assignment RSSCD100_PFCG_USER

For Roles RSSCD100_PFCG

For Profiles S_BCE_68001440

For Authorizations S_BCE_68001441

SAP CPI-C Error Service Unknown and /etc/services

I’ve found that generally the Netweaver 7.0 installations seem to create all required mappings in the /etc/services (or C:WindowsSystem32Driversetcservices) file, plus any not specifically required.

However, on older R/3 systems, it’s still possible to fall foul of this problem when the service port mappings are not present in the /etc/services file.

When using RFC connections or testing a connection in SM59, you’re seeing CPI-C (CPIC) errors with “Service sapgw00 Unknown” and CM_RESOURCE_FAILURE_NO_RETRY.

It’s normally visible as a connectivity error when testing connections in SM59:

You should ensure that the connection test fails when you put the exact numerical port number into the SM59 “Gateway service” connection details, as well as failing when you have the service port name e.g. sapgw00:

How to Check If You’re Using the 6.40 Extension Set 2.0 SAP Kernel

With SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 came the 6.40 Kernel.
There are two releases of this kernel, 6.40 Extension Set 1.10 and 6.40 Extension Set 2.0.

When you need to patch the Kernel, you need to know which one to download.
You can tell by executing the “disp+work” binary on UNIX or Windows:

$ id

$ disp+work


  disp+work information
  kernel release                640
  kernel make variant           640_EX2        <<< EXT 2.0
  DBMS client library

$ disp+work


  disp+work information
  kernel release                640
  kernel make variant           640_REL        <<< Not EXT 2.0
  DBMS client library