This blog contains experience gained over the years of implementing (and de-implementing) large scale IT applications/software.


Me, with my teeth!

I’m Darryl Griffiths and this is my SAP technology blog site with great posts and content to help you easily manage your SAP landscape.

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About Me

Having worked in IT for over 20 years and specifically with SAP software for over 15 years, I’ve worked with lots of different technology and people.
This SAP technology blog is my effort at revamping my old blog site, which I have now outgrown.
Blogging since 2011, I have come to appreciate when something is no longer the appropriate tool for the job and while was great, it has shown no innovation to help me, the end user.

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Want to Install SAP HANA?

I did it in less than 30 minutes!
Here are the short links to the 3 posts you will need to install a fully functional SAP HANA 2.0 database inside a VMWare virtual machine that can be run on a laptop with 16GB of RAM:

  • Part #1 – I help you create the VM and start the SUSE Linux install.
  • Part #2 – We configure SUSE Linux with disk space ready to install HANA.
  • Part #3 – Your HANA software install and blank database creation.

SAP notes, guides, help pages and more

Over time I will be adding my super large list of Chrome bookmarks onto the “Useful Links” page here. It will take some time as the list is huge.
These are links that I’ve found helpful over the years. I’m very organised you see 😊.

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What I’m Working On

I’ll try and keep this section updated with stuff I’m working on now.

April 2020: I’m actively working on SAP LaMa and scheduling a complete SAP landscape startup & shutdown.
I’m also working on a unique no-cluster HA solution using LaMa, which I will reveal more about it’s architecture in some coming blog posts.
I’m finding a few small, low priority bugs in the LaMa product, but it works pretty well.
I don’t like the nuances of the interface, causing too much clicking around between different screens.
It’s very important to come up with a solid naming convention for operation templates, schedules and custom processes, to avoid ambiguity.