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All Reports & Transactions Under SUIM

The list below is useful if you are constructing a roll to house the SUIM capabilities:

Users by System S_BIE_59000198

Users by Roles S_BIE_59000199

Users by Profiles S_BIE_59000197

Users by Address Data S_BCE_68001393

Users by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001400

By user ID S_BCE_68001394

By Role S_BCE_68001399

By Profiles S_BCE_68001395

By Authorizations S_BCE_68001396

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001397

By Transaction Authorizations S_BCE_68001398

By Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start S_BCE_68001401

With Unsuccessful Logons S_BCE_68001402

By Logon Date and Password Change RSUSR200

List of Users With Critical Authorizations S_BCE_68001403

With Critical Authorizations (New Version) S_BCE_68002111

Roles by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001425

By Role Name S_BCE_68001418

By User Assignment S_BCE_68001419

By Transaction Assignment S_BCE_68001420

By MiniApp S_BIE_59000249

By Profile Assignment S_BCE_68001421

By Authorization Object S_BCE_68001422

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001423

By Change Dates S_BCE_68001424

Profiles by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001409

By Profile Name or Text S_BCE_68001767

By Profiles Contained S_BCE_68001404

By Authorizations S_BCE_68001405

By Authorization Values S_BCE_68001406

By Last Change S_BCE_68001407

By Role S_BCE_68001408

Authorizations by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001417

By Object S_BCE_68001414

By Values S_BCE_68001415

By Last Change S_BCE_68001416

Authorization Objects by Complex Selection Criteria S_BCE_68001413

By Object Name, Text S_BCE_68001410

By Object Class S_BCE_68001411

By Field, Text S_BCE_68001412

Executable Transactions (All Selection Options) S_BCE_68001429

Executable for User S_BCE_68001426

Executable for Role S_BCE_68002041

Executable with Profile S_BCE_68001427

Executable with Authorization S_BCE_68001428

From users S_BCE_68001430

from Roles S_BCE_68001777

From profiles S_BCE_68001431

From authorizations S_BCE_68001432

In Users S_BCE_68001399

In Users S_BCE_68001395

In Roles S_BCE_68001421

In Composite Profiles S_BCE_68001404

In Users S_BCE_68001396

In Profiles S_BCE_68001405

In Users S_BCE_68001397

In Roles S_BCE_68001423

In Profiles S_BCE_68001406

In Authorizations S_BCE_68001415

In Programs S_BCE_68002030

For Users S_BCE_68001439

for Role Assignment RSSCD100_PFCG_USER

For Roles RSSCD100_PFCG

For Profiles S_BCE_68001440

For Authorizations S_BCE_68001441

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