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HowTo: Check HANA LM Is Running

Scenario: You want to check if the SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager is running/installed.

The SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager is installed separately the HANA DB and runs in its own Java VM.
It’s installed by default into the “/usr/sap/hlm_bootstraps” directory and occupies ~700MB of disk space.

By default the HLM is not usually started with the instance.  It gets started when you call it from the HANA Studio, or if you manually start it from the Linux command line using the script located in “/usr/sap/hlm_bootstraps/<SID>/HLM”.

From HANA Studio, right click the HANA instance as SYSTEM, then select “Lifecycle Management“:


From the command line on the Linux server, as the <sid>adm Linux user:

> cd /usr/sap/hlm_bootstraps/H10/HLM
> ./

You will be dropped into the OSGI (Open Service Gateway Interface, see here: command line.

HowTo: Install HANA Lifecycle Manager

Scenario:  You’ve followed my previous post on how to install a basic HANA DB and now you would like to install HANA LM into the same instance so that you can patch HANA and perform other LM tasks.

What you will need:
– A working HANA DB instance.
– The HANA installation media (usually an ISO file).

This will take less than 10 minutes if you already have the install media.
I have already converted the HANA install media DVD into an ISO file so that I can easily mount it as a virtual cdrom in a VM.
If you haven’t converted the install media to an ISO, you can always upload the media directly, or if you’re working in a VM, you can use the Shared Folders functionality to share a folder directly from the host O/S to the guest SUSE Linux VM.

Mount the ISO as a cdrom (I’m using a Virtual Machine as my SUSE HANA server).

On the cdrom you will have a directory containing the installation media for the HANA LM tool:


As the root Linux user, run the installation tool (note: your HANA system can be shutdown during this process, especially if you have a low amount of memory):

# ./hdbinst

SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager installation kit detected.

SAP HANA Database Installation Manager – SAP HANA HLM Installation
  SAP HANA system ID | Description
  H10                | SAP HANA Database H10

Enter SAP HANA system ID [H10]:

Root user password. Mandatory for Distributed system with not configured Trusted SSH Connectivity, or                    else not applicable. [“”]:

Root user SSH passphrase. Optional for Distributed system with configured Trusted SSH Connectivity, or                    else not applicable. [“”]:

Checking installation…
Preparing package “SAP HANA lifecycle manager”…
Installing SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager to /hana/shared/H10/HLM…
Installing package ‘SAP HANA lifecycle manager’ …

Installation takes approximately 10 minutes.

From HANA Studio, you can now open the Lifecycle Manager:

SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager install