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Blog Readership, Almost 7,000

Since December 2013, my blog readership has really taken off.
It’s nearly at 7,000 page views per month:


Which is the most popular post of all time, well it’s still my multi-post guide to basic performance tuning a SAP system (published in 2011), but very closely followed by my recent HANA installation into a VM post.
You will also notice that a lot of readers are looking for the FICO authorisation objects F_REGU_BUK and F_REGU_KOA:


We can see that the US is very dominant in the stats, secondly India and then Germany.  The UK is in 4th place:


It’s a close call between IE and Chrome in the browsers used.
Good job I’ve written my free extension for searching SAP notes, in Chrome!


Thanks for reading everyone.
I hope I’ve provided you with the solutions you’ve sought.


2 thoughts on Blog Readership, Almost 7,000

  1. appreciate the time and effort you've spent in putting this blog together … you deserve more than 7K. I predict around 50K or more by end of 2014. I really wish you luck !!!

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