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HowTo: Find Version of SAP BWA/BIA (Accelerator)

The SAP BWA (BW Accelerator) is based on the TRex search service and uses dedicated hardware to provide an additional in-memory index search capability for an existing SAP BW system.  NOTE: This is not to be confused with the SAP HANA DB, which is also in-memory, except that HANA is a more advanced and fully rounded product and not related to TRex.

Scenario: You may know there is a BWA connected to your BW system, but you don’t know where it is and what version it is.  You may need to consider this information in preparation for an upgrade.
The BWA details can be seen from the BW system via transaction TREXADMIN.
The “Summary” tab shows all the revision details and the make and model of the dedicated hardware:


Additional version information can be seen on the “Version” tab, you can also see any additional load balancing nodes in the TRex landscape:


Connectivity to TRex is performed either via RFC server on the TRex server (BWA 700) or via the ICM (BWA 720+).
The TRex Web Service which can be accessed via “https://<trex server>:3xx05/TREX”.
The “Connectivity” tab allows you to perform connectivity tests for RFC and HTTP to the BIA.
For RFC based connections, once registered at the gateway, you can see the detail in transaction SMGW (select “Goto -> Logged on Clients”):


You can see the TRex connections based on the “TP Name” column:


For ICM based connections, you will see the HTTP requests going out via the ICM in transaction SMICM.
For SAP notes searches, the component for the BWA is BC-TRX-BIA.

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