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Useful SAP Transactions

Here are a collection of SAP transactions that I find useful:

AISUSER – Solution Manager maintain S-user for maint-opt.
AL08 – All Users Logged On
AL13 – Display Shared Memory
ALRTCATDEF – Alert category definitions
ALRTDISP – Alert display
ALTINBOX – Alert inbox
BDLSS – Shows all items associated with the logical system name.
BDM7 – ALE Audit Statistics
BD10 – Send Material Master
BD12 – Send Customer Master
BD14 – Send Vendor Master
BD22 – Reorganise (Delete) Change Pointers
BD87 – ALE Message Monitor
BF24 – Create Product (User exits)
BF34 – Register user exit event to function module.
CG3Z – Transfer file from frontend.
CMOD – List user exits
DB02 – Database Tables/Tablespace Statistics
DB13 – Database Planning Calendar
DB14 – Database Operations Log
DB26 – Database Parameters
DBCO – External Database Connections in SAP.
F.10 – GL Accounts
F110 – BACS Payments
FBL1N – List Invoice Documents
IDX1 – Port Maintenance In IDoc Adapter
IDX2 – Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter
IDX5 – XI IDoc search.
LISTSCHEMA – BW Lists underlying tables for InfoCubes.
MMRV – Show current posting period
OAAD – Archivelink Administration of Stored Documents
OAER – Business Document Navigator
OAM1 – ArchiveLink Monitor
OAC0 – Define content servers
OAWD – Archivelink Document Storage.
OB29 – Define Posting Periods (See also SPRO -> Fianncial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Fiscal Year)
OMJ3 – Printer Determination by Plant.
OMJR – Printer Determination by Output Type.
OS01 – Ping servers
ORA_PERF – Analyse tables, delete statistics.
OY18 – Reports for table logging.
PA30 – Maintain HR Master
PFAL – HR ALE Transfer of Master Data.
PFCG – Role Maintenance
PFTC – Workflow task maintenance.
PFTC_CHG – Change a workflow task.
PFUD – Profile consistency (mass user comparison) check (schedule job).
RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE – Set Workflow substitute.
PPOME – HR Mini Master (Personnel Management)
PPOMW – HR Mini Master (Organisational Management)
RRMX – Launch BEX Analyser
RSA7 – BW Delta Queue Maintenance
RSCSAUTH  – Maintain authorisation groups.
RSM37 – Display background jobs with parameters.
RSRDA – Stop all daemons for real-time data acquisition in BW.
RZ01 – Job Scheduling Monitor.
RZ03 – Display/ Manully Switch Operation Mode (start/stop instance).
RZ04 – Maintain Operations Modes
RZ12 – Maintain RFC groups.
RZ21 – Monitoring Properties
RZ70 – SLD Administration
SA38 – ABAP Reporting
SAPL0ARC – Archiving Customising For Object.
SCCL – Local Client Copy.
SCEM – CATT initial screen.
SCU3 – Analyse table logging logs
SDCCN – Service Data Control Centre
SECR – AIS (Audit Information System)
SE03 – System Change Option
SE11 – Data Dictionary Display
SE21 – Package Builder.
SE61 – Change display screen text.
SE93 – Transaction lookup.
SE37 – ABAP Function Modules
SE54 – Generate Table Maintenance.
SBIW – Maintain Business Information Warehouse Data Sources
SCU0 – Customizing Cross System Viewer
SLDCHECK – Check status of the SLD
SLG1 – Analyse application log
SLG2 – Application Logs Delete
SMLG – Logon groups.
SMGW – Gateway monitoring
SMICM – ICM Monitor
SMQ1 – qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 – qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3 – qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
SMQE – qRFC Administration
SMSY – SOLMAN – Landscape Directory
SMSY_SETUP – Solution Directory Setup
SMX – Own Jobs
SM18 – Security Audit Log Reorganisation
SM19 – Security Audit Log Configuration
SM20 – Security Audit Log Analysis
SM35 – Batch Input Log (LSMW etc)
SM58 – Asynchornous RFC Error Log
SM63 – Maintain Operation Modes Calendar
SM64 – Background Jobs Events.
SM65 – Background processing check.
SM66 – All processes across system.
SM69 – Maintain External Commands
SO36 – Automatic System Forwarding for E-Mails
SOA0 – ArchiveLink Document Types.
SOLMAN_WORKCENTER – Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer.
SP12 – TemSe administration
SSAA – System Administrator Assistant
ST02 – SAP Buffer Tuning
ST03 – Global Workload Monitor
ST04 – Database Statistics
ST06 – Operating System Monitor
SUCU – Table / View Authorisations.
SUGR – User Group Maintenance
SWDD – Workflow Builder.
SWDM – Workflow Builder
SWI1 – Workflow Instance Log
SWE2 – Workflow linkages
SWEL – Display Event Trace
SWELS – Switch on/off event trace
SWEQADM – Event Queue Administration
SWEQBROWSER – Event queue browser
SWO1 – Business Object Builder
SWU0 – Workflow event simulation
SWU3 – Workflow customizing
SWUS – Test Workflow
SWWL – Delete workflow
SXMB_MONI – Integration Engine Monitoring
SXMB_MONI_BPE – Process Engine Monitoring
SXMB_IFR – Call Integration Builder
SXMB_ADM – Integration Engine Admin
SXI_CACHE – XI Directory Cache
SXI_MONITOR – XI Message Monitoring
TU02 – Change parameters
USMM – User Measurement Statistics.
WE02 – IDoc Display
WE07 – IDoc Monitoring
WE05 – IDoc List.
WE09 – IDoc Search.
WE11 – Delete IDocs
WE19 – IDoc Test Tool
WE20 – IDoc Partner Profiles
WE40 – Idoc administration setup
WE41 – Outbound Process codes.
WE42 – Inbound process codes.
WE46 – IDoc Admin
WE60 – IDoc Types Documentation
XK02 – Changer Vendor Details

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