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Useful SAP Tables

During my time as a SAP BASIS administrator, I have accumulated a number of useful database tables.

ADR6 – User Address Data (cross with USR21)
AGR_1250 – Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_USERS – Assignment of roles to users
AGR_SELECT – Assignment of roles to Tcode
AGR_PROF – Profile name for role
AGR_DEFINE – Role definition
BDCPS – Change Pointers
DDLOG – Table buffer changes for sync between dialog instances.
DD02T – SAP Tables and descriptions.
DD09L – SAP Tables (with logging PROTOKOLL=X)
PA0105 – HR Communications InfoType (includes USERID to PERNO).
SH_PRIN – Printer list
TADIR – Repository object table.
TBRG – All Authorisation Groups.
TDDAT – Tables to Authorisation Groups.
TBTCP – Background Job Steps (see field AUTHCKNAM for job user)
TOLE – OLE Link table
USR02 – User passwords.
USR01 – Users.
USR04 – User Master Authorisations.
USR10 – Authorisation Profiles.
UST04 – Users to profiles.
TDEVC – Package table.
TSP03D – Printer Output Devices
TST03 – Spool requests
TSTC – Transactions
TVARV – Variant Variables
VARI – Variants

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