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SAP ICM/Web Dispatcher CLI Param Change Error -1

This specific error/situation has zero results in a google search, so it’s worth documenting.
You’re welcome!


You’re trying to use the icmon or wdispmon to modify a profile parameter value, but during the process you receive an error for the specific parameter.

Reading value for parameter icm/HTTP/redirect failed (-1)

The error is reported and the menu just loops to the same menu you were on before.
Inside the trace file (dev_webdisp in our example), we see:

*** ERROR => IcmHandleMonAdmMsg: unknown protocol/service: HTTP/, opcode ICM_COM_OP_GET_SUBHDL_PARM. [icxxmsg.c    3440]

Notice that the “protocol” above is “HTTP”. It is trying to use HTTP to talk to the webdisp/icm.
If no HTTP port is present then it fails.


Add a HTTP port using the webgui.
In my solution, adding port 80## to the instance, then I was able to manually make the change using wdispmon. No restart of the web disp was needed for either of those things. 🙂