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BW Table Types & Descriptions

A useful list of table types in a SAP BW system, including the proposed table name definitions and the SAP table where the list of those types of tables are stored.
SID table /BI0/S<characteristic>: RSDMSIDTAB
Text table /BI0/T<characteristic>: RSDMTXTTAB
Master data table (time-independent) /BI0/P<characteristic>: RSDMCHNTAB
Master data table (time-dependent) /BI0/Q<characteristic>: RSDMCHTTAB
View master data tables /BI0/M<characteristic>: RSDMCHKTAB
Attribute SID table (time-independent) /BI0/X<characteristic>: RSDMASITAB
Attribute SID table (time-dependent) /BI0/Y<characteristic>: RSDMASTTAB
SID view: /BI0/R<characteristic>: RSDMSIDVIEW
Hierarchy table /BI0/H<characteristic>: RSDMHIETAB
Hierarchy SID table /BI0/K<characteristic>: RSDMHSITAB
Hierarchy structure SID table: /BI0/I<characteristic>: RSDMINCTAB
Hierarchy interval table: /BI0/J<characteristic>: RSDMHINTAB
Hierarchy SID view /BI0/Z<characteristic>: RSDMHSIVIEW