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SAP Index is in the Customer Namespace

Scenario: You have your own SAP customer namespace (e.g. /MYSPACE/) and you are trying to add a new custom index Z01 to one of your tables in SE11.

When you try and “check” the index or activate it in SE11, you keep getting the error “Index xxxx is in the customer namespace”:

This problem is caused by the fact that the index name is the three character part of the index name at the end, and does not include the table name.

As an example:

/MYSPACE/MYTABLE~Z01 means the index name is Z01.

Because your table is in your customer namespace /MYSPACE, you cannot use the Y or Z development namespaces in your index name.

Therefore, remove the Z or Y from the index name.
You should be able to create an index /MYSPACE/MYTABLE~C01 instead.