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Power Notes Searcher Extension – On Edge

It’s official, Power Notes Searcher, the SAP note management extension for Google Chrome, is now available for Microsoft Edge!

Microsoft have released the latest version of their Edge browser on January 15th, which is based on Chromium, the same underlying open source project as Google Chrome.

This means that you can now install the Power Notes Searcher extension on Edge and have the same enhanced SAP note experience with all the benefits of the extension:

  • No more silly PDF names for downloaded SAP notes, they can now get a fancy SAP note title name.
  • Highlight note numbers that you have already read (don’t go round in circles).
  • Double click note numbers that are not links, to open the note.
  • Open multiple notes by just pasting the text containing the note numbers into the tool.
  • Parse a highlighted selection of text to retrieve only the note numbers from it.
  • Record the last 100 visited notes and their titles for later searching.
  • Navigate straight to the PDF version of a SAP note.
  • Quickly access some of the most frequently used tools on the SAP marketplace.
  • and more…
Download the new Edge browser from Microsoft:

Then to install Extensions from the Chrome Web Store, click “Settings -> Extensions“:

In the bottom left of the screen enable “Allow extensions from other stores“:

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store URL for the Power Notes Searcher extension:

Click the “Add to Chrome” button.


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