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SAP HANA – Migrate Statistics Server 1917938

Since SAP note “1917938 – Migration of statistics server with upgrade to SPS 7” seems to be going missing rather a lot, I’ve noted the content here for reference based on v10 05-05-2014.

If you do not monitor or administrate the upgraded SAP HANA database with the DBA Cockpit or Solution Manager, you can activate the new statistics server. If the DBA Cockpit or Solution Manager is active, you are only allowed to activate the new statistics server if you observe SAP Note 1925684.

A configuration change is required to activate the new statistics server:

nameserver.ini -> [statisticsserver]->active=true

The data held in the persistence of the statistics server is now transferred to the persistence of the master index server. At the end of the migration, the statistics server is automatically stopped and removed from the database configuration (topology). The functions of the statistics server are distributed to other services.

The migration of the statistics server is carried out without interrupting the backup history, which means that data and log backups created before the migration can still be used to restore the SAP HANA database.

The HANA instance must not be restarted during the migration.
The migration is completed when no statisticsserver process is running in the HANA instance.
It is not necessary to restart the HANA instance following the migration.

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