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Overview of Tasks for SAP NW731 System Copy – ABAP

Below is an overview of the tasks associated with an SAP NW731 system copy for ABAP on Windows with MS SQL Server (see the Java tasks here).  Essentially this is what I document when I go through the process:

  • Current Base Details – Current Kernel version etc.
  • Current Profile Files
  • Current ABAP License
  • Current SSL PSEs (export PSEs)
  • Current Transport Management System Config
  • Current Database Files
  • Source Database Files
  • Source Disk Usage
  • Target Disk Capacity
  • Current SQL Server Version
  • Current Windows Hotfixes
  • Download SWPM
  • Download Kernel 7.20 SWPM Install Media (UC + NUC)
  • Upload Required Media to Target Server
  • Identify Source Database Backup Media
  • Note Last Backups of Target Database
  • Shutdown Target SAP System
  • Snapshot of Server VM (or Full Server Backup)
  • Detach Old Target Database
  • Delete Old Database Files
  • Create Additional Data File Locations (that don’t exist in target)
  • Restore Database as Target
  • Rename Logical Files (MS SQL Server)
  • Deploy SWPM
  • Launch SWPM

Follow on in standard copy doc:

  • Apply Tasks in SAP Note 1817705
  • Truncate specific Tables
  • Check Installation
  • Stop Background Jobs
  • Remove RFC Connections
  • Lock and Adapt Printers & Spool Servers
  • Execute RSPO0041 to Remove Spool Requests
  • Execute RSBTCDEL2 to Remove Job Logs
  • Check Background Job Servers
  • Import Profiles (RZ10)
  • Check Operation Mode (RZ03)
  • Check Logon Groups (SMLG)
  • Check RFC Server Groups (RZ12)
  • Check tRFCs (SM58)
  • ReCreate PSE (STRUST)
  • Change Logical System Name (BDLS)
  • Check Custom External Commands (SM69)
  • Re-enable Background Jobs
  • Schedule Database Check (DB13)
  • Configure STMS
  • Database Stats Collection
  • Re-Install License Key
  • Migrate SecStore (SECSTORE)
  • Access SM21
  • Configure & Schedule Database Backup
  • Adjust Default Database Connection for <sid>adm User (MS SQL)
  • Release VM Snapshot (or send tapes offsite)

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