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SAP – Oracle on VMware

Whilst researching the whole Oracle on VMware thing recently, I found a great number of articles on the subject.  Here’s a collection of the links I found most helpful whilst getting to know the principles of virtualisation all the way through to publicly available information on the performance of Oracle on the VMware vSphere platform.

Hardware Abstraction Layer definition (

Wikipedia definition (,
VMware’s definition (,
VMware’s definition (

Intel VT-x Instruction Sets (

VMware ESX and ESXi:
What does ESX stand for (,
Comparing ESX with ESXi (,
ESXi v5.0 released (,
ESXi architecture white paper (

VMware vSphere:
Product offerings (,
Support (,
Kits (,
What’s new in v5 (,
Supported guest OS (,
VMware Oracle support policy (,
VMware HCL (,
vSphere Licensing and cost (,
Forrester Report – Total Economic Impact Of VMware vSphere Virtualizing Mission-Critical Oracle Databases (,
Oracle on VMware vSpehere 4 Essential Deployment Tips (,

RedHat Certifies Linux on VMware (

Microsoft will support Windows on VMware (, (

Support Oracle RDBMS, Linux on VMware (,
Oracle Linux same as RHEL (,
Oracle licensing (, (,
Oracle License & Service Agreement (,
Oracle Processor Core Factor Table (,
Oracle VM Tolly Group report (
Running Oracle Production Databases on VMware (

Tolly Group (

Running SAP on VMWare (,
TCO and ROI of running SAP on VMWare (,
SAP Note: 1122387 – Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments (,
SAP Note: 1122388 – Linux: VMware vSphere Configuration guidelines (,
SAP Note: 1492000 – General Support Statement for Virtual Environments (,
SAP Insider – 3 common misconceptions (

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