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Whilst implementing a process for the “switch” deletion of XML messages from the SAP PI persistence layer you may end up, at some point, in a situation where the deletion job simply fails to run.

The contents of the job log state: “Repeat terminated copy job first”. No further information is displayed and there are no errors in the system log (SM21).

By executing the ABAP program RSXMB_DELETE_MESSAGES (same as the delete job step) in SE38, you can then double click the error at the bottom of the screen:

Finally you will get an explanation and a process for resolution:

Call transaction SXMB_MONI and choose Job Overview. Repeat the incomplete job. If the job cannot be completed due to database errors, first correct the database errors, and then repeat the job again.”.

It seems the jobs displayed using the “Job Overview” in SXMB_MONI is not simply a view of SM37 jobs, but a view of the underlying job control and enqueue function specifically for the messaging framework.

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