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Check if Hyperthreading is enabled in HP-UX 11iv3

UPDATED: Inaccessible links to have been removed.  I couldn’t find the original PDF docs anywhere online any more, so I’ve just removed the links.

You should note that HP-UX 11iv3 enables the default PSET setting for HT by default, but you may still need to enable the firmware setting.
You should also note that HP-UX 11iv2 does not support HT.

All the checks below should return 1 (for enabled).

Check HT is supported in your chipset:
$ getconf _SC_HT_CAPABLE

Check the firmware setting is enabled:
$ getconf _SC_HT_ENABLED

Check the default PSET has HT enabled:
$ kctune -v -q lcpu_attr

Enjoy some HT goodness.

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