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Oracle Documentation Is a Moving Target

I appreciate that internet content is better when it’s dynamic, but sometimes there’s a need for static content; or should I say more accurately, static links to content.

I’m right in the middle of compiling a new tutorial on installing Oracle 11gR2 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1.
The Oracle docs in HTML format have been on-line for years now, but I’ve never really referenced them over a period of time with such specific requirements.
I’ve been using the software pre-requisites section of the Oracle 11gR2 docs and have bookmarked them in my browser of choice.  At least I thought I had.  Until today, when I click the link I get an Oracle web page stating “404 not found”.
What happened?  What caused the move of the actual URL?
Here’s what I was using before:

Here’s the same content today:

Looks like the e16763 has been replaced with e24321 and the internal bookmark (anchor) in the page (CIHIDJAH) has been changed to (CIHFICFD).

All links internally on the page are relative links and not absolute, and when you try and navigate up the path, you get a 404.  So I guess that Oracle themselves don’t want you to bookmark the links.

Lesson learned, always capture what you need elsewhere and duplicate everything in case you can’t find it or it gets removed…

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