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DBUA “You do not have OS authentication” – Fat Fingers

The other day, I was upgrading an Oracle database to using DBUA (it has it’s benefits and provides a nice consistent approach when under pressure, providing it’s used with care).

I constantly got the request to enter the password for a DB user with SYSDBA privileges.
I didn’t have the SYS or SYSTEM user passwords (really!), but the OS user I was using definitely was a member of the group that is compiled into the config.o library (see MYOS note “SYSDBA and SYSOPER Privileges in Oracle [ID 50507.1]”):

For reference, you check on UNIX by:

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
cat config.[c|s]

Checking the values for SYS_DBA and SYS_OPER against the UNIX groups your user is a member of (use the “groups” command).

The solution: this was simple, the Oracle home had been manually added into the /etc/oratab file and had been misspelled.  If only it didn’t take 45 minutes to find it!
Correcting /etc/oratab and restarting DBUA fixed the problem.

I guess DBUA was just plain lying and it didn’t have the heart to tell me that I was about to upgrade a database when it couldn’t find the Oracle home.  Shame on you.

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