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Enable SAP* in Netweaver 7.0

If you’ve lost the Administrator password or you want to log in as SAP* in your pure Java stack environment, this can be a little tricky as the way to set the password for the SAP* user in configtool is not as user friendly as you might think.

Log into configtool by opening an X-Windows session (on UNIX), and then execute: /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<SYS#>/j2ee/configtool/ (.bat on Windows).

NOTE: Once you enable the SAP* user, you will not be able to log into the system as any other users e.g. Administrator or J2EE_ADMIN.

In the configtool screen, expand the “Global server configuration -> services” branches:

Click the “” item:

On the right hand side, scroll down to the ume.superadmin.activated option:

Set the “Value:” field to “TRUE”:

Now single click the “ume.superadmin.password” item:

You can’t see the password and the “Value:” field looks like it doesn’t accept input, but it does.
Type the new password in to the “Value:” field at the bottom (even though the cursor doesn’t move):

Now click “Set” on the right:

You will be prompted to re-enter the password:

Click Save:

You should restart the J2EE stack before trying to log in as SAP*.

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