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Useful SAP Reports

It’s always good to have the exact report handy, just incase the transaction is not in your SAP role:

BTCTRNS1 – Suspend All Jobs For an Upgrade
BTCTRNS2 – Un-Suspend All Jobs For an Upgrade
RDBMIDOC – Create IDocs from change pointers and send.
RBDMOIND – Status conversion of successfull IDoc communication.
RSALDBRG – Reorganise CCMS Alert Database
RSALERTTEST – Test alerts
RSAVGL00 – Table adjustment across clients
RSINCL00 – Extended program list
RSBDCSUB – Release batch-input sessions automaticly
RSCPINST – Check language installation config.

RSCSAUTH – Authorisations assigned to ABAP reports.

RSTXSCRP – Transport SAPscript files across systems
RGUGBR00 – Substitution/Validation utility
RSBCSRE03 – Clean old SOST records (send deliveries)
RSBDCOS0 – Execute Shell command (non-interactive).
RSBTCDEL – Clean the old background job records
RSDBCREO – Clean batch input session log
RSEIDOCA – Active IDoc Monitoring
RSORAPATCHINFO – Oracle patch level.
RSPARAM – Display all instance parameters
RSPO0041 – Removing old spooling objects
RSSNAPDL – Clean the old ABAP error dumps
RSSLG200 – Remove expired application logs (SLG1).
RSSLGK90 – Delete application logs created before the specified date.
RSSOREST – Clean old SOST records (send deliveries)
RSPO1041 – Cross-Client Spool Request Cleanup.
RSPOR_SETUP – BW / BI Configuration Consistency Check
RSTXICON – List all icons in the system
RSTRFCEG – Consistency check of outbound queues (RFC/trfc/qrfc).
RSUSR002 – Roles by complex selection (new)
RSUSR003 – Check the passwords of users SAP* and DDIC in all clients
RSUSR006 – List users last login
RSUSR020 – Profiles by complex selection
RSUSR050 – Compare users
RSUSR070 – Roles by complex selection
RSUSR200 – List users by login date.
RSWUWFML2 – Delivers work items via users e-mail address.
RSWWWIDE – Remove work items and related sub-items.
RSXMB_CANCEL_MESSAGES – Cancel messages in error.
RSXMB_CHECK_MSG_QUEUE – Check messages in queue.
RSXMB_SHOW_STATUS – Show statuses of XI messages in the persistence layer.
SSF_ALERT_CERTEXPIRE – Certificate expiry check.

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